Are You “Meant For More”?  Learn How To Make Money In Fulfilling Ways & While Making A Difference

Watch this free 4-video training series on “Making Money Through Enjoyment”: learn how to find your purpose, discover what kind of work you WANT to do, and start a business that can’t fail

“After watching the Unique Genius videos, something magical happened. I began getting fabulous ideas on future products and projects…” – Lex Garey

A daunting aspect of all the options we have in business is deciding on what you want to do, especially when you have a variety of different interests and ideas that pull you in different directions.  Or if you just don’t seem inspired by anything at all.

I’ve learned a lot about fulfillment, money, success and failure from starting a half dozen businesses.  I’ve been an Internet CEO, a sales exec in a big internet company, and worked in venture capital.  I left all that to write books (including the #1 Amazon best-seller Predictable Revenue), teach, speak and mentor people who want to start their own businesses that fulfill them and make a difference as much as make money.

That’s where you often get stuck with questions like: what kind of work would be exciting to do – and yet practical?  How can you have the fulfillment of not-for-profit work, and with a for-profit income?  How do you know you’re making the right moves?  How do you find out what you know you can be successful at?  What’s REALLY required in starting your own business?  (This will surprise you.)

I’ve put together a series of complimentary training videos to answer questions like:

1. “What do I REALLY want to do  for work? (What is my purpose?)”,
2. “How do I combine all my various ideas, interests and passions
into a successful, inspiring business?”,
3. “How can I make enough money doing what I love to be comfortable?”

And, as part of the series, I also share:

  • A “Unique Genius Assessment” – where are you?
  • Two life-changing questions
  • How to start a business that can’t fail (and the 2 critical phases that you need to treat separately)
  • 5 ways to make more money “on purpose”
  • 6 common (and avoidable) mistakes people make in trying to turn their passions and purpose into income
  • A 7-step process to finding your purpose and gifts
  • 16 myths of what it takes to start a successful business

Others have said of the videos: “Your videos are great! They are short, clear, and give direction on moving forward,” and “I have been inspired and liberated by your work.”

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