Hi!  This is Aaron Ross, and welcome.  Here is your interview and the ebook…h

1) Donna Kozik Interviews Aaron Ross, Founder of PebbleStorm

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The book Aaron wrote in a weekend is called CEOFlow: Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs.

2) Free Ebook: “Make As Much Money As You Want, Doing What You Love”

If you want help figuring out what your gifts are and how you can turn them into your work, then you will love this ebook:

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After clicking the link, the ebook should download automatically.  If it doesn’t please leave a comment below on this page and we’ll get it to you.

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P.S. if you find yourself interested in hearing more, learning more and connecting more with me (aaron)…check out the ‘intimate aaron letter’.. part “ask aaron”, part teaching, part “here’s the real stuff going on in my life”… where I answer in no-holds-barred terms any questions you have about Unique Genius, making money through enjoyment, overcoming fear & anxiety in work and relationships, moving overseas with your family and still building your Unique Genius business, learning from screw-ups, and being responsible while never growing up. this is a place for both heavy growth (ooooph) and light fun (funny!): www.letterly.net/unique-genius

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