Intro: The Unique Genius teachings are here to help you start a fulfilling business (combining money and happiness or capitalism and buddhist principles).  If you’re new you to Unique Genius, check out  There are four free training videos on it, such as Start a business that can’t fail.

As a gift to you, here is the first part of the Unique Genius Superhero curriculum, Course #1: Light Your Fire.  There’s only one string attached – we’d appreciate it if you give us ideas on improving it or fill out our satisfaction survey at the end 🙂   Here are the details…

About Unique Genius Course #1: Light Your Fire

Most people are exhausted from overwork, self-doubt and uncertainty.   You don’t need to work harder, you need refreshed innate energy:

  • You’re starting with “wet wood”
  • Let’s “dry it out” first
  • Then get some inspiration embers lit!

With this course, discover energy, inspiration and direction:

  • Declutter & focus your mind
  • Mash your passions into a single business
  • How to use a ‘day job’ to nurture your Unique Genius (you have to pay the bills)
  • Create a crystal clear vision of where you’re going
  • Start living a version of your Dream Business today
  • And more…

The course is self-study, and is delivered to you via:

  • Online training videos (plus audio versions) and downloadable tools
  • An 8-week email series with step-by-step guidance

There are also helpful resources, such as a forum, Guest Expert Trainings, a Superhero Concierge (to point you in the right direction if you ever get lost), Resources and free Unique Genius Mentors (like guidance counselors).


How to get started:

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