Invitation To Be A Unique Genius Superhero

[From Aaron] Hi, I have an update on the Superhero Course you’ll love!

First, watch the video above for the details on the course.  Then, read this for some updates on some changes on how it will work…

Mostly because I have a big family and my teaching’s focused on Predictable University, we now let new students register one-by-one for the Unique Genius Superhero Program on your own (which is what this page is for), and you can go through it at your own pace, in a self-study format.  This means anyone can start anytime, without having to wait for a registration date.

The course gets you rolling with eight weeks of step-by-step emails to walk you through the first course, “Light Your Fire”.

What the media, coaches and teachers won’t tell you is the truth that that it often – though not always – takes years to start a business that makes you enough money to be comfortable and is fulfilling.  It’s easy to make money fast – get a job.  It’s easy to find fulfilling work fast – volunteer at a non-profit.  But to create your own thing that is fulfilling and makes you enough money?   That’s trickier 🙂  I want you to have a source of support for it for as long as it takes you.

With that, we have plenty of information and testimonials below about the course…

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us on the phone, please email us at:


Are you “meant for more” yet aren’t sure for what or how to figure it out?  The Unique Genius Superhero Program is a practical, step-by-step bundle of four unique courses to help you start a fulfilling business that can’t fail, and make a big difference in the world while making money through enjoyment…

The Unique Genius Superhero Program Includes:

The Core Program (Value: $1395)

  • Four Unique Genius Online Courses (work at your own pace)
    Course #1: Light Your Fire
    Course #2: Discover & Declare Yourself
    Course #3: Make Your First $1 Through Your Passions and Purpose
    Course #4: Grow A Business That Can’t Fail
  • Four Recorded Jumpstart” orientation calls (one per course)
  • Give back: One new entrepreneur funded in East Africa
  • Lifetime Guarantee: if you are EVER dissatisfied, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Extra Gifts (Value: $595)

  • A dozen related book summaries by Brian Johnson (Founder, Philosophers Notes)
  • Lifetime guest expert trainings (such as on book writing, visioning, blogging, sales & marketing, etc.)
  • Lifetime access to materials + updates

To Support You (Value: $1995)

  • Access to volunteer Unique Genius Mentors (past Superhero Alumni) for ‘guidance counseling’
  • Concierge Service (you cannot get lost!)

The total value of program + support + gifts =
is $4,000

The Superhero Program enrollment as a single package is $895, and includes the Lifetime Guarantee. For now, while this is in self-study format, you can get an instant discount of $300 as a sign up gift to help you decide… it’s already applied to the order if you are ready and click here:

Join Now

Prefer to pay in three monthly payments?
Want a single parent, student or “in between jobs” scholarship?
Have any private questions
Email us at info -at- pebblestorm -dot- com for details.

A Few More Gifts…

  1. My 2-part mini-course Productivity Practices for the Erratically Motivated & Semi-Organized
  2. A mini-course on 7 Principles of Authentic Marketing that Feels Good & Makes Money
  3. The Unique Genius Have More Great Ideas Guide
  4. A digital version of my new book, Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of


Recent Examples Of Alumni Businesses

1) Casey Berman is a tech executive and ex-lawyer who decided to start a fulfilling consulting practice that assists attorneys in all stages of professional satisfaction.  A lawyer himself who ‘left law behind’ for more fulfilling work, he is now helping others like him at: Leave Law Behind, which has been featured in places like the Wall Street Journal.

2) Rich Walker, CEO of a software company, started a second fulfilling business as a speaker, author and coach by writing a book (a see below for a video by Rich, which has links to his work).  The second business is very complimentary to Rich’s software company, it’s helped him empower and motivate his people.  From Rich about Unique Genius: “…learn how to take your ideas to fruition…I know you’d get a lot of inspiration, motivation, and more importantly, real-world actionable steps to establish your own business.”   Again, see Rich’s video below.

3) Jessica Ross, as a single mom with no time or money, founded Bond Girl Bootcamp, where she takes women out to be badasses for a day in shooting guns, jumping out of airplanes and learning self-defense.  Jessica’s been contacted by at least a dozen TV producers about turning it into a reality TV show.  She followed it up with a program for girls, Spy Girl High  

4) Marde Ross took the course last year and, at age 67, has started Wheels Up Adventures with a friend of hers.  She’s done this with very little money, and I’ve never in my life seen her excited about something like this.   Go mom!

It’s been really fun and gratifying to see people, especially those close to me, apply the principles and experience progress like this.  Many of the Superhero Program alumni are now mentors for those of you who join this year.  Just think… if you sign up today, you could be mentoring others in your shoes in one year on how to start a business that fulfills them.  Of course, with almost 100 people having completed the program, we have many more examples.  Below are some testimonials…

Testimonials From Around The World


-Rich Walker, CEO Efficient Technology, Inc. & Author,
Having trouble seeing the video above? click here

“I am still in full-time employment, which together with a family and 2 children. I hope you are well and would first of all like to thank you for a superb program! You have done a tremendous job in distilling the ‘ins and outs’ for people to identify their unqiue genius and create a life and career they truly enjoy – in line with their passions, knowledge and talents. I have come across many books and information in other forms about this topic, however, your programs and approach are literally quite unique and to me the most useful I have found.

In addition to a very well thought through and well structured approach, what makes your program so valuable is that it is extremely practical – very much a step-by-step approach. I think for a lot of people that is exactly what is needed to go from dream to reality. Many other people with otherwise inspiring and great thoughts on this topic do not fully come through in that sense because their advice is not sufficiently practical. And probably one of the reasons that you find many self-help book ‘junkies’ – I know some myself – who just keep reading such books with no action taking place.

Two of the general recommendations that I have found most helpful are your concepts of ‘taking baby steps’ and ‘throwing rocks’. ‘Taking baby steps’ is not only very sensible and practical advice. I have personally also found it very motivational, particularly at times when I feel I have been making very slow progress with my own project. And your idea of ‘throwing rocks’ is a great one, and led us to having our first event and making $4,000.”
– Trond Vardid (Japan)

“Aaron taught me how to ‘throw a rock’, creating and marketing a 6-week webinar series that not only reached my registration goals with over $3,500, but now will be a recorded product and source of passive income, announced to an email list that grew from a few dozen to over 350 in about a month.” – David Sonnenschein (USA),

“Thank You Aaron Ross for inspiring and motivating me to get off my ass and start living my Unique Genius in 2010!” – Renae Bellah (USA), founder Collective Expansion


“I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools I needed to have a chance of fulfilling my purpose and mission. Before joining up with Unique Genius Superhero, I had totally given up hope of being able to do so. It was your reply to a comment that decided me to join Unique Genius Superhero from the abyss I was in: the story of ‘we have a bunch of keys to our dreams; and do we stop trying more keys if the first dozen or so didn’t work? You are my hero…you’ve saved my life, Aaron (seriously).” – Honour Leigh (Australia)

“Overall, the Unique Genius program really helped me change my perspective on the way I thought about my life and career. It gave me permission to seek fun and enjoyment on a full time basis! My favourite part of the Unique Genius Program was all the worksheets and workbooks. All of them contained loads of questions that I had never thought to ask myself, but that helped me define what I want and what my Unique Genius is. I also really enjoyed the guest expert interviews because every person has a story to tell and a lot of learning to pass on. Listening to the people who’ve developed their Unique Genius was very enlightening. And it was awesome that I could work at my own pace. The Unique Genius program has loads of fantastic information, but the fact that I have lifetime access to everything took the pressure away and I didn’t feel the need to rush through.” – Jasmin Eldib (Canada), founder Freedom Escape Velocity

“The Unique Genius program is absolutely amazing! Aaron is by far one of the nicest and most genuine people I have come across. It’s so clear that he truly cares about each and every one of his clients and he’s willing to help you in whatever way possible. I love Aaron’s concept of baby steps. Before taking this program I was so preoccupied and stressed with getting to some ‘next place’ or ‘next best thing’, that I wasn’t taking the time to contemplate and really study my current behavior and patterns. After being a part of this program I’m far more comfortable accepting who I am and where I am. If there’s one message I can share and one important message I’ve learned from this program, it is to not give up. You are talented, you are unique and you do have something to share with the rest of the world. As long as you take one step a day, or even one step a month to get out of your comfort zone, you’re making progress. Thanks for everything Aaron, you’re truly inspiring!” – Nate (USA), founder

“You are doing a great thing for the world, and we are lucky to be in at the ground floor…it will make a big mark on the world!”
– Maggie Berman (Australia),
founder Silver Clay Art



“I just want to say how fantastic these videos are in the Unique Genius Superhero Program. I am NOT an auditory learner – I am a visual learner. And you made the words visual!! So I can really absorb this. I realized this, as I was trying to do something else while listening – but since I’m visual, I need to watch the words and absorb that way. And graphically, it’s done really well. I love your little paintings too.” – Carolyn Ryden

See What The Course Actually Looks Like 

This video is for new students just to give you the lay of the land, and a great overal sense of the Superhero Program website.  Note: after you press “Play” on this video, click on the button at the bottom right of the video to expand it to full screen while you watch, so you can catch the detail.

More Questions About The Program & Details?

Take a look at “30+ Questions & Answers About the Unique Genius Superhero Program

Not Ready for all Four Courses?

You have the option to enroll in just the first course, Light Your Fire, by paying tuition of $295.  This course includes ongoing support calls, “extra gifts”, lifetime guarantee and one of step-by-step email a week for eight weeks to walk you through the content.  So that is awesome 🙂   The downside of just signing up for Light Your Fire is that you wouldn’t get a discount on the rest of the courses, so it’ll end up costing you at least $300 more if you continue with the Program.

To register just for the Light Your Fire Course click here.


Are you a single parent, student or in between jobs, and need help with tuition?  Contact us with a note about yourself, your situation and how you see the program will help you, and we’ll take it from there.

Still Don’t See What You Need Or Are Unsure?

Leave a comment below and talk to me or my clients directly.

Ready To Enroll?

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  1. Sam Jones says:

    Hey Aaron,
    I have been browsing your sites and watching your videos for a few weeks now. I just found out about “your call to adventure” as well. Its very exciting to know someone like your self is doing what you are doing! Its been inspirational for me. I am interested in taking the Unique Genius superhero program and wanted to know when you were going to open up another class.



    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Sam –
    Thanks for reaching out! You should email kristine -at- pebblestorm -dot- com. We don’t have anything scheduled as of now (sometime in 2012 I’m sure), but she might let you can join the current group.


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