Video 1: Two Life-Changing Questions

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  1. You are SO speaking my language, Aaron!! In my ideal world, everyone is living from their Unique Genius. Utopian, perhaps, but just the thought of it makes me SMILE! :))) Can you imagine the vibration??

    Thanks for the work you are doing in the world. Excited to learn more!

  2. Karima says:

    Thank you for your work. It is fascinating. I love the assessment tool. I have done a lot of leadership development work and work around identifying ones talents, passions and strengths and your tool by far is one of the best assessment tools that I have used. It helped me to realize that I am closer to getting clear about my vision and passion for life than I had originally thought. May your work continue to reach the masses.

    Peace and Blessings


    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Karima,

    Thank you!! So glad you found me and the Unique Genius videos here πŸ™‚

    What are some of your passions?


  3. James Pena says:


    I am grateful to have met you and to have have found your website. I am at the exact place in my life where I need to find “my unique genius”, exactly what I am great at and passionate about in order to make $ through enjoyment. Your “2 Life Changing Questions” video is a great start in my journey to discover my purpose and turn my passion, enjoyment and focus into a successful business and career. The viseo’s message is so clear and easy to follow. I am both energized and passionate about the process.

    With much gratitude,

    James Pena

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Fantastic James, and it was a pleasure getting to meet you last week!


  4. Hi Aaron,
    You are awesome! I’m so glad to know you. Thank you for sharing your video’s. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to benefit from them before they go away . . . πŸ™‚

  5. Hey, my great friend,

    Hope all is well at your end,

    Its you who taught me to have fun at what I do, you really have figured this out,
    for the countless individuals that struggle either making money because they are too busy having fun, or they are not having enough fun because they are spending too much time doing ‘making money’

    Thanks Arron because Arroniusm has been created, all the best, loved your Process Assessment Sheet.

    Zain Jeewanjee

  6. Beth says:

    Hats off to you Aaron, the worksheets are really beyond anything I’ve seen or used before. Frankly, I didn’t hold out much hope that what you were going to provide me would be any different that what has been circulated for so long. Wow, was I wrong! Thank you kindly for sharing and for sharing it for free!

    Continued success!


    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Thanks Beth, I’m so glad the worksheet was so useful to you!

    Glad to have you aboard here πŸ™‚

    I forgot that you should check out my “Feed Your Freedom” material …the program’s not open now, but the content might be helpful/inspiring:


  7. Thanks Aaron,

    I have to admit that the idea of “having fun” while working / doing your business was something that I resisted.
    But after being exposed to you and your “Unique Genius” over the last few years I am not only sold on the idea – but I have begin applying it to my life.

    It makes a HUGE, HUGE difference to your life, relationships and believe it or not your business does way better when you apply all your ideas and really focus on living your life fully combined with making money.

    Rock on!

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hey Jose,

    I’m really touched, and so appreciate your comment here. My girlfriend said your comment is the best she’s read so far out of the 100+ we’ve received πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re making such positive changes in your work and life styles my friend!


  8. Hey Aaron,
    Since you said you are reading every comment I just want to say thank you. I am really excited to follow what you have to say and I appreciate so much that I did not have to sign in to anything. you just put it out there and are letting me have access to the best of you. I’m already sold. Plus I feel like this is coming just at the right time for me. I can’t wait to take your assessment and see the next video. You are awesome. You have already made a difference in my life and I plan to make a difference in many lives so we are already changing the world right this minute as we speak.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Rebecca,
    Yes I am reading every one πŸ™‚ I love your enthusiasm!! Where’d you find the video from or who sent ya here?

    So glad I’m already been a big help to you!!


    Rebecca Johnson Reply:

    My friend Rick Wilkes of Thriving Now (and an Emotional Freedom Coach like myself) shared the link on Facebook. πŸ™‚

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Cool πŸ™‚ Thanks Rebecca, glad to have ya aboard here. If you do want email updates on when the new videos come, you can reg at

    And video #3 is live today… check it out!


  9. Honour says:

    The Unique Genius assessment was very revealing and thought-provoking Aaron. It has really consolidated my purpose for me, and renewed my spirit. I look forward to the rest of the journey with you. Thank you.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Thanks Honour, I’m so glad it was that helpful!


  10. tia tuenge says:

    Very inspiring Aaron! as i’m taking this time to reevaluate what i want to do this video is a great reminder to ask the question WHY AM I HERE? something i’ve been trying to clarify.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Tia,

    I’m glad you’re getting into these…can’t wait to see what you think of the others!

    By the way, the art you’re doing on your site is AWESOME.


  11. Larry says:

    These days, I have made it a priority to allow myself to become more open to possibilities and to embrace emerging ideas and paradigms.

    In this cae, the ‘hook’ was to come to this page for my ‘free’ videos that promised to explain new ideas to me. I am wondering where the videos that were offered are… because once I came to this page… they are nowhere to be found… and I am being asked to supply the very same information that I already provided to get here?

    That seems a bit confusing. The ‘breadcrumb trail’ is:
    – you receive an e-mail stating that you will receive free information that WILL help and explain
    – so, you find yourself providing your ‘personal and private’ contact information (again)
    – in return, you get to THIS page that just talks about things
    – at then end, you get ANOTHER form… asking you to provide the SAME ‘personal and private’ information that you already provided… in order to be rewarded with the same enlightening and instructional videos

    …so now… as I click the “Submit” button… I am wondering if I will actually receive an helpful information and guidance… as originally described… of if I will merely be presented with another “offer” for another “product or service”. I guess I will find out in a few minutes.


    See ya soon…


    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Larry,

    Can you not see the video on this page?

    Or this one?


  12. Jinhong says:

    Aaron, i like you saying when you are aligned with your purpose, you are clear, proud and loud. indeed, people come to you. I had a little sense of it already though I am still a bit scattered. I am exited and am looking forward to that crystal clarity. love and blessings, jinhong

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Jinhong,

    I think you will get a lot out of video 3, part of which covers how to combine all your interests, ideas and passions into a single direction!


  13. Evan says:

    Aaron, some of us never bought into the myth that money would make us happy. Those of us in this group don’t find moving up the corporate tree impressive at all.

    The worry I have as I listen to this is assumptions. By this I mean there is a whole lot of unconscious competence that business people have. When they come to pass on their wisdom to others there is a whole lot of competence they are unconscious of. The most common of these that I come across is what makes a niche (how small, how big, how focussed?). People don’t say – I suspect because they know it when they see it and so it doesn’t occur to them that it needs to be said (it is unconscious competence). Unfortunately for those of us who suck at business we don’t have this (and other kinds of) unconscious competence.

    Looking forward to the other videos

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Evan,

    Did you watch video #2 yet?

    Part of getting stuck in business might be not valuing money (or the things that money can bring) enough. Money doesn’t make us happy, but money is oxygen to a business.

    What if you don’t suck at business? Part of success can come from focusing on what you’re best at, and getting help with the other parts.

    What’s your biggest frustration today with work?


    Evan Reply:

    Hi Aaron,

    Hadn’t watched Video 2 – didn’t realise you had put it up.

    What I’m best at is getting to the guts of something – the main issue: whether this is a person’s issue or the main idea in a piece of writing or philosophy or whatever (details aren’t my thing really – it takes discipline to deal with them). This means (in blogging, my business) writing: Putting out quality content.

    I’d be happy to have a Steve Jobs to my Steve Wozniak – so far no offers forthcoming. At the moment I do suck at business – not making much money. Am learning how to address this in a way that I am happy with. Am about to try offering personal sessions online.

    My biggest frustration today (and most days) with business is finding what it is I have to offer that people are willing to pay for. I have produced a number of ebooks already.

    Many thanks for your reply, it’s much appreciated. Evan.

    Shall go and watch the video now.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Gotcha… and you know, we’re planning on doing a bonus “how to make more money” video too.

    I think both video 2 and video 3 will be a big help. Video 3 is coming later this week.


  14. Toshio says:

    The Cohesive Power needed for all great successors in any field cannot be established in a short period. The power begins to be accumulated right after you are born.

    If you look at many of great successors in the past, businessmen, scholars, gold medallists, their fate begun when they were born.

    Chances are given for all human but whether you want to utilize it or not begin when you are less than 10 years old.

    It may not be achieved in one’s lifetime if that is the case, then the next successors can make it happen.

  15. Kim Craig says:

    Aaron, this is a great video. I am fortunate enough to have you as MY coach in your program, as I move forward towards my own unique genius business as a Life Coach who helps people to grow their self-esteem and confidence. Thanks for all your support, you rock!

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Thanks Kim, and I can’t wait until I can share more of your work with the community here too! I know you are and will change lives –


  16. Jodi Nelson says:

    Hi Aaron. LOVE this video. I can think of many people I’ll be passing it on to. You really make the process of finding your Unique Genius sound easy and doable. That is very inspiring. Can’t wait to see the next series of videos. Thanks for sharing and continuing to find ways to help others find their purpose.

    Jodi Nelson
    PLAY it Forward Adventures

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Jodi,
    Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you finally got to see it! And thanks so much for passing it on. Video 2 is now up and the rest will be coming through this week, so I’d love to keep hearing about what you get from ’em πŸ™‚


  17. Toshio says:

    Aaron: Your story is great but missing very strong cohesive power for your life to be more satisfactory. Your Sun sketch shows many direction having different puporses, which can cause to be less cohesive and the result is that you do not the power to be self-satisfied.
    Thanks, Toshio

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Toshio,

    Thanks for commenting! The Sun sketch shows the different feelings & goodies I want, rather than purposes (Money, Fun, Security, etc.).

    Wait until you see video #3…I go through the process and show you how to connect all your different interests into a single business and direction.


  18. Nina says:

    Hi Aaron;
    I already have a business I run doing what I “am meant to do” and doing the work I most love. However, the business is not thriving in the way that I believe it could. So while I enjoyed doing the worksheet and listening to your video, I am hoping for more specific guidance about where to go from here not at the level of identifying life purpose but at the level of once that is clear, which for me has been most of my life, how to actually make that succeed in today’s economy.
    Thanks for all your help…..

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Nina,

    Great question. These videos won’t give you a lot of direct “how to make money” teachings. I’ll keep this in mind for if we do a Q&A or bonus video.

    I do teach people on how to “increase your value” (make it easier to make more money), and there’s a little video you should check out. Go to and look for the “10 Ways To Increase Your Value” video on the page.

    And let me know if that helps and what other questions it brings up. If you keep asking the questions I’ll do my best to answer them here or in a special video πŸ™‚


    Aaron Ross Reply:

    PS – I looked at your site and can see what’s missing and one reason why the money isn’t flowing in.

    You might be doing what you’re meant to do and doing the work you most love – but you’re not explaining it in a way that tells others why it is valuable to them.

    How do you help people? What is/are the results you create for them that they find valuable and are willing to pay for?


    Barbara Reply:

    I owned and operated my own successful business in Chicago. Moved to California for my husbands career. Reinvented myself and am struggling in a no win sales job. I am not doing what I am meant to do. I have energy, passion, great ideas, power and trust. I don’t have freedom or flow and ease.
    I am stuck in fear based thinking and a J-O-B just to survive. Aging parents, depressed husband out of work,two mouths to feed, bankrupt and losing my house.
    I help people with ideas, positive energy and solution based thinking for their home lives and businesses. I like working with women to help them in their transition back to work and I give it away all the time. I haven’t put my ideas into a structure where people are able to receive it because I am so busy on the “hampster wheel” working in a micro managed small thinking environment.
    I have been accused of being too nice and too helpful from the people I currently report to.

    Aaron Ross Reply:


    You’ll appreciate both videos 2 and 3, and I’m going to do an bonus one on some simple ways to increase your value & make more money.

    If you have any specific questions I can help you with, leave them here and I’ll answer them on the blog or in the upcoming video.


  19. Sean Wolfe says:

    Dear Aaron,
    Glad to see you’re doing the videos. I think they’re really effective. I’m emailing you some comments directly in the hopes that we can make these presentations even MORE polished than they already are (and they are, in fact QUITE good, so it was hard to put together a punchlist).
    I hope you’re enjoying Oregon as much as I am.

    All best,


    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Sean,
    Thanks for checking in, and I always appreciate your help in creating better content!


  20. In a word, “Brilliant!”
    Thanks for putting this out there. Your Authenticity, and Creativity is Inspiring.
    Much Appreciation and Gratitude. Rock on Bro.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you my friend –

    I just checked out your NoWhereTour homepage video… love it!


    Joe Wilkinson Reply:

    thanks for taking a look.
    just for fun, check out this thing some friends of mine built for me to share The Nowhere Tour: text ‘nowheretour’ to 90210 (do it twice) to get extra info.
    Keep It Flowing!

  21. Chris says:


    Great video! I have had your emails sitting in my inbox for the past week or so, waiting until I had time to get to them. Yesterday I had the opportunity to read through about 5 of your emails and watch the first video of the Unique Genius. Very interesting and very inspiring! Thank you for that.

    The interesting thing happened latter that day as I took a break from my busy schedule to read some of the pages from “The One Minute Millionaire”. To my surprise I was introduced to this concept of the Unique Genius again! On page xvi, it talks about how becoming an Enlightened Millionaire (TM) will offer all sorts of freedoms, and then it ends with “…the freedom to discover and develop your own unique genius”.

    When I read that I was pumped, at the same time it all started making more sense to me! I am looking forward to the other videos and seeing what additional insights you have to offer!

    Thanks again,

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Chris,

    Very cool – I hadn’t heard of that book, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you start seeing all kinds of new clues around you, now that you’re starting to see things differently!

    I heard somewhere that “inspiration is when the past makes sense”, which is true of your purpose and Unique Genius – when you ‘get’ it, you’ll understand how everything you’ve been through fits together for you and the reason behind it.


  22. Hi Aaron: I thorougly enjoyed the video and can’t wait to see the others. I like the way you put ideas together and the way you express them. And your drawings are the best!

    I’ve discovered my unique genius finally – odd how I knew what it was and ignored it for so long.

    I’ll enjoy tagging along as you roll out these videos and webinars – looks like I’ve missed some!

    Comma huh? You’e got me beat on that one. All the best, Cheryl

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Cheryl, great to hear from you, as always!

    What changed for you or how’d you get clear on your Unique Genius?

    Give me the update!


    Cheryl Miller Reply:

    Hi Aaron: It’s kind of a long story. I’ll try to condense. My parents are in the final weeks/months of their lives. I went to NC to help them out (mom with an aggressive, rare colon cancer, and dad with congestive heart failure). I came back exhausted, worried, and fragmented. I knew that I needed to turn within and reconnect with myself.

    About a year ago I had created a personal program I called Life in Your Lap. It has 8 tabs (8 essential elements of wellness) for healthy, happy living . . . in this lifetime. I wrote in the journal/workbook for months – enjoying every minute of it. Then I got to a stopping place and felt I had taken it as far as I could take it and put it away for over a year.

    Because of my strong urging to go within I dragged it back out with new inspiration. It occurred to me that others have felt exactly as I had about being “lost” and needing to get answers from within. So now I’m working in it for my own purposes and I’m developing it into a workbook/workshop. It combines the best of the left brain and right brain strengths. The program will incorporate multi media (video, drawing, audios, journal writing, making a mask or magic wand, etc.)

    As I look back over my life, I see the stepping stones leading directly to this point. I ignored them until now. This comment is getting pretty long, but I’d be glad to tell why I ignored them and how I came back to myself if you’re interested. Thanks for asking. I think your Unique Genius program had a lot to do with my journey/process and I thank you very much! Cheryl

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Cheryl,

    This is awesome. I think you’re a natural my friend πŸ™‚ You nailed some common patterns around discovering your purpose and unlocking Unique Genius…

    * “It occurred to me that others have felt exactly as I had about being “lost” and needing to get answers from within…”

    * “It combines the best of the left brain and right brain strengths”

    * “As I look back over my life, I see the stepping stones leading directly to this point. I ignored them until now.”

    Well done! Please let me know what you create as you evolve it.


  23. Chad says:

    Thanks Aaron. Inspiring to watch the Unique Genius brand evolve. Looking forward to the future videos.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Chad –

    Thanks my friend, and I bet you will love video 2!

    Did you get the assessment here too to play with?


  24. Maggie says:

    Hey Aaron, this is looking great!
    I know I should be on the right path already (and I am still working on it) but now, watching the video, I am all inspired to go foreward! If not now, when?!

    Thanks for putting the answers in front of me:)

    Hugs from Oz!

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    I love Maggie!!!

    And yes, if now – when? There’s never a time like the present.


  25. Sharon ODay says:

    Ah, Aaron, great video. Each time I hear you speak I’m reminded of how clearly you’ve charted the gentle path to genius. I enjoyed the spirited group phone call earlier this month and meeting others from within your circle. I look forward to crossing paths often as we all grow in the flow …


    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Sharon,
    Thanks so much for your comment! I was also glad we got to talk. Looking forward to sharing more here in the videos with you πŸ™‚


  26. Hi Aaron – I’m enjoying following your evolution. As you reviewed your personal accomplishments, I thought – ah – I haven’t done a triathlon, or a desert survival course, or raised billions of dollars for anything. So I’m concerned that I have to be as accomplished as you, to be able to create a business I love, that fulfills my Purpose. I’m determined as hell – and I do know my Purpose is to help people somehow. I wanted to share my reaction. The video was great – very clear, professional, and genuine.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Carolyn,
    This is such a great comment – thanks for letting me know about your concern here. Wait until video 2, in which I’ll include “myths of starting a successful business”.

    Here’s a secret of mine: in starting PebbleStorm and creating the Unique Genius process, I had all the same kinds of fears and concerns about whether I could really help people in the way that I wanted to. I didn’t include that part of the story in the videos, but perhaps we’ll do a bonus video or a blog post in which I can tell people about it.

    What do you think?


    Carolyn Ryden Reply:

    I think it’s always the MOST helpful for me, when people I look up to, share their stories and struggles, their fears – because then I see, oh! They go through the same things I do, AND they’re living their Purpose/creating their life/creating their business. I think this helps me perhaps more than any of the “coaching” we do. Also, I do still think, with you for example, that yeah, but look at what an achiever you are…(but I woke up today saying, ok, so what? So, I can still do it)

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Heck yeah – I’ve had and have many of the same fears and blocks you do, but also have found ways to not let them stop me! (As you can do too).

    Did you see this video “I’m feeling confused and overwhelmed?”

    And yes you CAN do it.


  27. aleyia says:

    Thank you. Looking forward to the next videos. Feeling happy, inspired, confident, clear, trusting, free and in the flow already! Not to mention grateful. Thanks again. Aleyia

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Aleyia… Love it!! Looking forward to hearing more about what you get from these, or what you are going to do πŸ™‚


  28. Emily Levy says:

    Nicely done, Aaron. I know what my purpose is and will attend your webinar to get help with the “successful business” part. And I’d be even more excited if doing your worksheet or the webinar or both help me incorporate even more of who I am into my business.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Emily,

    Awesome! I’d love to hear what your purpose is, and how you found it.

    Keep commenting on the next videos to let me know if they answer some of your business questions, or there are others you need help with.


    Emily Levy Reply:

    Thanks for the reply, Aaron. The clearest vision I currently have of my purpose is this: helping progressive people who have an urge to “make a difference” in the world identify their unique niche in social justice work and assemble the resources and skills needed to take powerful and sustained action.

    This came to me in a flash about six years ago, a day after seeing the movie The Corporation. I ran into a woman I knew who I’d seen at the movie the night before and learned that she really wanted to “do something” but had no idea what or how to figure it out, let alone actually do it. I offered to help, and she accepted. As I began to think about how to help her, my mind spun with ideas about how to help other people in similar situations. (And yes, I had been in the same situation for years myself.) I then got sidetracked for about five years on a social change project of my own having to do with the integrity of U.S. elections. Now I’m refocusing on this work, equipped not only with the skills and knowledge I had when the idea first surfaced, but with tons more from the work I’ve done since.

    Thanks for asking! I look forward to the next video.

  29. Alexander says:

    nice shirt bro

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Haha…thanks Alex πŸ™‚


  30. George Kao says:

    Awesome, Aaron. Looking forward to our upcoming webinar!

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Me too, as always my friend πŸ™‚

  31. Gene says:

    Thanks Aaron. Knowing that my Heavenly Father “knows the plans He has for me” (Jere: 29:11) “Plans to prosper me and not to harm me,” gives me the hope of my calling, my purpose, which you have reinforced in your Video 1: Two Life-Changing Questions.” I appreciate your encouragement and reinforcement. My business will rise again!

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Gene,
    Excellent…so happy you’re re-inspired!!


  32. Maya says:

    You are speaking my language and I am on that path – hope this can help me change the world:)

    aaronross383 Reply:

    Fantastic Maya, can’t wait to see what you get from this and the next videos!

  33. aaronross383 says:


    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hello world πŸ™‚

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