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  1. Galina says:


    I’ve been making all these mistakes you are talking about: impatience, trying to make money too fast, perfectionism, giving up. The fact that you acknowledge that a lot of people make these mistakes is so comforting. For me it means that it’s not just my flaw; and this pattern in human behavior can be changed.
    Also, the breakthrough for me was when you talked about being a pilot and the feeling behind this activity.

    Love listening to you!

    Thank you,

  2. Another superb presentation and brilliant advice!

    Love the self-professed “juicy bits” which all of us have but rarely publish on line. Failed business, failed marriage – excruciatingly painful events that devastate yet you’re used these to become even better.

    “Promotion giving way to attraction” – “I have a message to share, and I can help people” – profoundly inspiring given recent events up to Dec. 30, 2012.

    Your successes are legend, and your integrity a most welcome contrast to so many rogue bad acting financial types.

    Love the authentic, living your purpose, helping others paramount above money – incredible!

    Thanks a million

    *Can’t wait to watch videos 3 & $

  3. Anja Freese-Binder says:

    This is the most inspiring Video .I sat down and luckily had the time to answer all the questions to myself.It really helped me to dig deeper into myself to find out what I really want to do and who I really am .
    The Process will be a long one,as I have so many different ideas/interests.The goal is to find what the absolute priority is.
    It definitely helps to go back to my roots and think about who I am and why and what made me this person of today .
    Thank you for sharing these videos with me .
    I feel like I started a complete new process . It is very inspiring and as well motivating !!
    You did a fantastic job putting these videos together. It’s very easy to follow and to understand which gave me an enormous motivation .
    Thank you !!

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Anja, I’m so glad you found your way to these videos! As you say, the process can be a long one, and that’s ok. Steve Jobs said “To do anything of magnitude takes at least five years, more likely seven or eight.” The important part is to keep taking the baby steps, spend as much time as you can around supportive/encouraging people, and don’t give up!!

  4. thank you, thank you, thank you aaron!
    you’ve created a simple, accessible way for people to rediscover their passion, what they are here to contribute and how to make money doing it. im totally inspired by taking on a few of your suggestions after watching the first two videos. imagine what will happen with a little more time with these tools. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi, Aaron fellow Dream Warrior:)
    I’m on the same path, walking my talk into serving others with the uniqueness of which I’m aware and proud.

    In my work, I inspire and encourage all around me on a daily basis simply by being the quintessential ‘me’. I have created a model and system to take people’s genius and turn it into an exponentially profitable info-training. And I am right on the financial’tipping point’.

    Thankyou for your reminder to share my story, which is pretty gory for a dream warrior. But I’m hesitating for one reason…maybe you can help me with this. It was in transforming my perception of the past (as being the only one possible to have led me to this point) that allowed me to be at peace with it. It feels a bit wierd to have laid the demons to rest and then dig them up to tell people how well I laid them to rest.

    Abraham Hicks chides us for being ‘great historians’, in other words, so attatched to our past experiences that we won’t miss an opportunity to gloat in the glory of challenges overcome. This feels like a slight dichotomy…shall I keep flouting my tale of woe and victimhood so that people can identify with it? Or shall I simply remember only a glowing- sunset-version of my past and trust that my brilliance is sufficient to ATTRACT the right people that I can serve..

    I will be following your vids as I do think it’s important for we, who have similar life impulses, to support each other. If there is anything I can do to help, I will be delighted. We also have Marc Allen as mutual friend:)
    Warmest wishes
    Dream Warrior Jenni P

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Great question Jenni… (and sorry for the response that is months late, your comment was caught in spam)

    You can tell your path and story in a way in which you revel in and relive the trauma of your past, such as when you retell your story to get sympathy from others.

    Or you can tell it with the passion of a storyteller sharing a great and inspiring story!

    It’s not that you repeat and retell it…it’s how you do it, what kind of energy and intention do you bring to it?

    Good luck!

  6. Matthew says:


    Thanks for the great video series! These are very inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the exercise at the end of the second video. You’ve taken me back to a time during my childhood when I wanted to be an astronaut, which, for the first time, has helped me realize what has been a life-long pursuit of adventure. I presently own a software company, but once I’ve generated enough income, I will be devoting my life’s work to helping entrepreneurs in third world countries create a better life for themselves and their families by building great companies. I’m looking forward to learning from the rest of your content!

  7. Bryan J says:

    Awesome blog , thanks for the post!

  8. Rick G says:

    The exercise at the end of video 2 really hit a nerve. I had not thought about what I wanted to do since I was very young. And I think that there is more to my desires when I was younger. Thank you for openning my mind. Timing is everything!

  9. Bonnie G. says:

    This is fantastic. I really feel that I’m already on my way, even if I am in the extreme beginnings of making my purpose my career. I’ve figured out how to combine what I’m doing now with my passion as well as to take the random talents and bits of training that I have into one coherent product. I’m excited for your next video.
    Thanks so much for this, Aaron!

    In Joy,

  10. I think this blog post was secretly a strong start to a potential series of posts about this topic. A lot of bloggers pretend to understand what they are talking about when it comes to this area and really, very few people actually get it. You seem to understand it however, so I think you should start writing more. Thank you!

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Thanks Natalya!

    By the way, you might get a kick of more raw ideas about how to start and grow a company without tons of risk, time or energy…and lots of enjoyment and productivity!



  11. […] A: Everyone has limiting beliefs – I have had them, and still do Β  Much of the course is actually about breaking limiting beliefs – as you may have seen in the β€œHow To Start A Business That Can’t Fail” video. […]

  12. Beth says:

    This is just awesome Aaron!! I hate to admit but I will because you’ve suggested the embarrassing moments are important, but I’ve fallen victum to a company for $8,000 told me I’d have a successful online business. Although I didn’t make any money on the business I built, the education I got was very valuable and will help me in the future.

    Thank you for not continuing the hype and showing realistic options that can lead all of us to the life each of us desire!

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Beth,

    Heck yeah… you can’t make mistakes or fail if you learn from what you do. $8000 is cheap learnings in this world πŸ™‚

    Most people try to make the jump to products and online businesses too soon, before laying the groundwork you need for success: a vision, a message, an audience, finding what you really want to put your energy into…

  13. Honour says:

    Wow! I’ve just realized the connection between my 8-year-old-self’s desire to become a ‘discoverer'(which I’d got in the assessment), and my 32-year-old self’s engaging an intensive “Search for Truth” – by following my intuition – after my conditioned beliefs and values (and my sense of self, self-worth, and purpose) were destroyed. Thirty-seven years have passed since I began my quest and I’ve made some amazing discoveries. Aaron, you have shown me that I’ve been fulfilling my 8-year-old-self’s desire, and this realization has given my spirit great solace, for the quest has been long and hard and solitary, with no outer rewards or consolations.
    I want to create a blog to give my discoveries to the world, and have been struggling to do so. But you have given me renewed determination to keep going.
    My heart-felt thanks to you.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Awesome, Honour!!! What a great story. I’ll email you my “super simple” guide to starting a blog – to at least take care of the technical stuff…

    You can do it!


    Honour Reply:

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity in sending me the ‘Super Simple’ guide Aaron. My problems/blocks were mainly with my computer, which is sorted out now.I did set up a blogsite (haven’t posted yet) following your SS instructions (which were very clear and easy), but because of the extraordinary nature of my discoveries, I need to host my own blog. I have a website that I set up myself about 18 month’s ago, following Chris Farrell’s free guide – although I haven’t done anything much with the website since – so I’ll host my blog through it.
    Thanks for the encouragement too – I need every bit I can get! πŸ™‚

  14. hazel says:

    I saw others said the same thing. I don’t remember much from my childhood. I don’t remember what I wanted to be.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Hazel,
    Know what? I don’t remember a lot either of my childhood sometimes πŸ™‚ The good news is I have a bunch more questions that come at your purpose from different directions not related to your childhood.


    Honour Reply:

    Hi Hazel,
    Try going by your feelings, rather than your memory. How I came up with my childhood desire was to imagine where I was around that age, and then I began to think of random things that had happened, and then I remembered three special experiences I’d had that had induced a feeling of wonder at the magic of life, and I wanted to discover MORE!
    Give it a try; accept – don’t analyze or dismiss – what comes up for you, and if it feels right, it will be. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  15. hazel says:

    Not Practical! That is practically my song. I feel so often that I have to help my family before I help others.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Hazel,

    I’d agree that you do have to help your family first! But…parents can go too far in helping their family by sacrificing too much of themselves.

    Over the long term, if you don’t care for yourself as much or more than even your family, you hurt your ability to care for them.

    Only you can figure out that right balance between self-care and care for others.


  16. Bud says:


    Thanks – your videos are answering questions I’ve been asking for a long time.

    For some reaason, it’s very difficult for me to remember my childhood. This makes it rather tough to answer what I wanted to be when I was 8 years old. I just remember wanting to be someone else a lot of the time.

    Strangely enough, I feel the same way now. Almost like there exists this parallel universe where I could be living a totally different existence, but I don’t know how to get there. And then sometimes it feels like I’m so close to being there, but then something happens to remind me that I’m still not there.

    I don’t really know how your ‘Inner Genius’ perspective is helping me, but I know I resonate very well with the direction in which you seem to be taking me.

    I’m up for the trip.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hey Bud,

    Don’t worry if it’s tough remembering parts of your childhood – I have the same issue sometimes, and it’s common. I have a bunch more questions to get to the same issues from different directions unrelated to childhood.

    I’m REALLY glad you’re getting so much from the videos! This has been an awesome experience sharing with everyone.


  17. Patrick says:

    Aaron, these videos are SO awesome! I feel like I am stumbling into them at the exact right time in my life. About 2-3 years ago I was extremely overweight and unhealthy, I had something inside of me that decided it was time to change and create a new ‘ME’ — losing about 90 pounds. I have been working on a project that I feel really connected to — helping other people with the same health transformation. Currently I am putting the info out there for free on so I am really excited to see the rest of your videos for idea on how spread this to help as many people as possible.


    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Patrick,

    What a cool site! I checked it out. And great for you for changing your life like that.

    You’re right on the Unique Genius path. Just hold a few events – lunches, calls, ways to get people together – and it can make a big difference in your clarity.

    I’ll be curious to see if the Unique Genius program coming out in a couple of days resonates with you. If for some reason it doesn’t, write me back, since it’d be perfect for you.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing, love it!


  18. Justin says:


    Running a bit behind on the videos, but man am I glad I caught up. The video helped me examine some of the barriers I was putting up in refusing to start a blog (which I have been meaning to do for a while). I had been telling myself that people don’t need to hear from me, I’m not enough of an expert to begin, etc. Thank you for helping me examine these barriers, and now I will work to overcome them. Onto the next video!

  19. tia tuenge says:

    Aaron these videos are fantastic, what a gift! I am spending some time with the worksheets and have gained both clarity and peace of mind…

    Thank you.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Tia, thanks for saying hi here, and I’m so glad they are helping!!!


  20. jill says:

    The first thing I can remember wanted to be was a “make up artist” for celebrities and runway. The reason was creating beauty, doing something I loved, exciting environment, glamourous. Not sure how to equate that to what I’m doing now or even more important what I may WANT to do in the now. Thoughts?

    jill Reply:

    And also being “top of my game”… being sooo good that I’d be working for runway and celebrities.

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Jill,

    I’d do two things:

    1) Watch Video 3, which includes how to combine your passions

    2) The place to begin is thinking about who your ideal client is to begin with. If you could help anyone do anything…?

    A clue: it’s going to be a version of your past self in some way. Perhaps 3-5 years ago when you were personally struggling with some particularly tough challenge, perhaps around beauty or health – ?

    But watch video 3 first!


  21. Greg says:

    Great video Aaron! I really identified with the story about your high school days and you not being able to engage with like-minded people. I’m finishing up a week away with some very nice high-powered corporate people but find myself missing my yoga instructors.

    Also, I’m famous for shoving obstacles in front of myself– especially the “everybody else is doing it” thing. Your music analogy was very thoughtful. It really is all the same stuff, isn’t it?

    I have to think harder about the question “what would I be if I could be anything”. For some reason I can’t answer that but I do know that I would be heavily into Creating. Whether it be music, or perspective — just Creating or helping others to Create.

    Now back to my high-powered corporate types….

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Welcome back to SoCal πŸ™‚ Yeah some high-powered corporate types are OK. It often depends on if they are the type to let themselves show and share their human side, or the type that always has to look good and play a part…

    Once you’ve asked the “if I could be anything” question, your mind will start working on it for you. The answers may pop out in weird places or times you don’t expect.

    For example, a client Yanitz, when doing the Tree Exercise after a few months into coaching, realized that he’d forgotten (during his years focused on business) how much he loved and wanted to be a comedian! When he’s ready, I’m excited for him to start his “Improv for Entrepreneurs” workshops or business he came up with from that moment.

    I’m curious to see how your music, sales, strategy/management, etc and creativity will integrate πŸ™‚


  22. Maya says:

    This a wonderful video – thank you so much for creating it – its helping me on my path a lot:)

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Thanks Maya for sharing! Keep the great videos coming yourself πŸ™‚


  23. Aaron- Hello! Looking forward to the next video…. Very inspiring hearing your success and messes….Best, Brian-

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks my friend, glad you are getting so much from the videos!

    Video #3 is live, let me know what resonates in it for you.

    If you liked the ‘messes’, I have more where that came from πŸ™‚

    For example, my “Uncertain & Confused” video:


  24. Mike Muson says:

    Hey Aaron,

    Your Second Video is nothing short of fantastic!

    I am in the process of starting my own business (My Online Dating Consultant – shameless plug) which taps into my unique genius and desire to help people find happiness in their lives through online dating. Being three weeks into this business launch, I’ve experienced the very tendencies you hit on in being impatient or feeling that I need to be doing more demand creation which as you noted is a carry-over from my corporate America background (Sell, sell, sell).

    Your video was a wonderful, positive reminder to be patient which I’m sure many entrepreneurs struggle with. Your suggestions to spend money after you make money and to believe in your mission/passion and allow people to be drawn to your story (pull marketing) are priceless nuggets.

    You should be very proud of the work you are doing. Keep it coming!

    Mike Muson

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks my friend for the encouragement, and I’m happy the video hit so many right notes for you!

    Third video went live today, by the way πŸ™‚

    Glad to see you’re out on your own & making it happen. You are bound to be successful.


  25. Rich says:

    Just a quick note regarding the frustration I’m feeling regarding coming up with a ‘vision’ in trying to create a ‘Unique Genius’ business..

    I know what my skill set is (teaching, coaching, public speaking) these are things that come naturally to me and inspire me. I know the sector that resonates with me as well (2 and 4 wheel sports…in fact, action sports of most descriptions if I was to broaden it further)

    I’m really struggling to find a path with this and to combine the two to move forward. Sometimes I think I’m trying too hard!! I know that once I can find the first steps then that will naturally carry me forward…

    Any extra tips on finding the first step?

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hi Rich,

    Here are two tips:

    1) Did you grab the “Unique Genius Assessment” from video 1, which might help shake something loose?

    2) Check out Video #3, with a lot of specific advice on moving forward:

    You’re the first to see it live πŸ™‚


  26. Katja says:

    Thank you for sharing the videos!
    Can’t wait for video #3 πŸ˜€
    Cheers from the other side of the world!

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Ha thanks Katja! Where are you… Australia / NZ?

    Katja Reply:

    I’m in Slovenia EU
    Not many things like this going on here unfortunately πŸ™ thanks to the internet the information goes around the world pretty fast.

  27. Aaron Ross says:

    Hi Wendy,

    I love that you’re trying different things to keep moving forward.

    Just keep
    * Clarifying your vision for what you want
    * Staying committed to it
    * Taking babysteps
    * Practicing patience

    It gets easier to “get out there” or make money with some practice, just as you can learn to play an instrument.

    Two more videos are coming shortly, let me know if they shake anything loose for you πŸ™‚


  28. Aaron Ross says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I feel your pain!!! I and many others have been there. The great news is that I can see you’ve turned the corner and are DOING something about it.

    Watch the next videos (#3 on finding your purpose, and the bonus money video), and then let me know if your clarity changes πŸ™‚

    The Unique Genius 90-Day Program that’ll be announced on Monday (in video #4) could be perfect for you in getting clear and off the ground.

    You can do it!


  29. Caroline says:

    Aaron, great job:-)! And sorry I couldn’t attend your event last night. One of these days, I WILL make it!

    LOVED the questions you asked. What did I want to be when I was 8 years old? I wanted to be a doctor. This makes me realize that I have always wanted to help people feel better. Now, it’s not so much in the physical sense (like a doctor), but in the mental and emotional sense.

    If I could be successful at anything, what would I be? I would help children believe in themselves; teach them the power within them…a motivational speaker for kids, of sorts:-)!

    Thanks for provoking the thought! Look forward to connecting soon! Congrats on all the amazing feedback you are getting, you deserve it!

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Yes yes yes! “Doctor”s such a common answer, and normally its from people who early realized they just wanted to help others. (Just as “lawyer” often means helping others get justice)

    By the way – you are helping those kids right now with Reflect…they are just all grown up. Know what I mean?

    Of course we’d love you to make an event when you can!


  30. Aaron Ross says:

    Hi Nate,

    Nice synchronicity!! I’ve never seen Three Sheets, but I’ve heard of it or similar shows. It does sound pretty awesome.

    When you realize that you can take the awesomeness of having that show or job, and start to live it now…it will change the way you think!

    In other words, you don’t need to be on TV to have an audience or get paid to travel and do awesome stuff, you can begin it now, and in 6 months – 3 years get there sans TV πŸ™‚


  31. Ken S says:


    I hope you get back 1000X what you put into this. Thanks for the frequent updates and nudges. Every time I dig deeper into your mantra I’m more impressed and more inspired.

    As a result The Mutt Mentor biz has started to see a few paychecks and a few referrals. I’m glowing with gratitude and hope to attract more. Keep up the good work!


    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Hey Ken,

    I had no idea of your superpowers with pets – this is awesome! Keep at it and you are bound to be successful. The pets space is a great place to be to start this kind of business.

    And thanks for the encouragement πŸ™‚


  32. IsraΓ«l says:

    Thank you Aaron

    Thank you being a Fantastic Human Being

    Aaron Ross Reply:

    Ha thanks Izzy!


  33. IsraΓ«l says:

    What a nice comment Jessica

    Im happy It touched you too !


  34. IsraΓ«l says:

    Hi Wendy

    Thanks for you kind comment, it’s really appreciated and interesting

    About your inner blocks, may I suggest you look inside and see the cause of your fear?

    Maybe there’s nothing to change, but more to accept?

    Just in my opinion,

    Izz xxx

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